Personalized Learning. AI for Everyone.

Put AI to Work Keeping Users Engaged

Your users expect targeted, responsive content.

Now you can deliver the personalized, up-to-date experience they want to their preferred devices.

SelfStudy’s AI-powered platform offers your learners a prioritized, continuously updated selection of your resources that are most valuable to them, delivered when they are most interested.

Solve discoverability while increasing engagement, satisfaction – and revenue.

AI Delivers Personalized Discovery

Content Library

SelfStudy aggregates content from your entire portfolio, including your audio and video.

SelfStudy Engine

Digests and delivers the right content to each learner at the right time.

Learner Experience

Multimedia, resource-filled personalized learning activities and courses.


Personalized and Curated

Our interface offers five standard options:

For You: Personalized content selections based on what each user, similar users, and the community have viewed, favorited, ranked, sent to a friend, or saved for later.

Editor’s Choice: Expert selections from your content and media prioritized based on each user’s interests and needs.

Trending: Content and media most selected by users with similar profiles and interests, Trendings presents valuable materials users may have missed.

Challenge: Add existing or new questions of your own or auto-generate questions from your resources to create powerful engagement features. Not only do people love taking questions, but in answering questions they will find resources they would otherwise have missed.

Advanced Search: Users can narrow their results further by specifying various categories, including specifying authors or resource types. You can preset categories you know your users will find most useful.

Want something different? No problem. We’ll work with you to create the best interface to personalize your experience for your users.


Use AI to Auto-Generate Learning Activities

Imagine if your learning platform could instantly create quality questions from your text, video, or audio files. Now it can.

Generate as many as 100 questions or more — in seconds.  The fastest, least expensive solution for course or learning activity creation.

SelfStudy generates questions, answers, distractors, explanation text, and links to additional resources.

Effective Education On Demand

  • Create study questions to accompany chapters, articles or lectures.
  • Create learning activities for all types of learning – training, basic, student, certification or professional learning.
  • Validate learning from your materials to offer credit, certification or badges.

SelfStudy’s proprietary algorithms continuously assess and adapt to an individual’s current knowledge as they interact with your content to fill gaps and accelerate mastery and retention.

Quickly Create Entire Courses

SelfStudy’s AI-powered CourseBuilder auto-creates personalized, adaptive learning programs instantly – including any professional education, training, or test preparation.

Create learning activities from all your current resources, complete with audio and visuals, vignettes and case studies, and links to references to learn more.

  • Create complete, adaptive courses by simply identifying key resources, in any media.
  • Streamline the editorial process for continuing education activities or courses.
  • Speed your time to market while reducing your costs.

Save Time with Automated Credit Tracking and Reporting

SelfStudy’s automated credit tracking and reporting, for you, your users and to third parties, completes your time- and cost-saving course administration tools.


Stronger Engagement, New Revenue

  • Immediate question and course creation enables you to publish new learning activities when they are in demand.
  • Move people from one part of your portfolio to another, following their interests to your resources that meet their immediate goals.

  • Use real-time analytics to tell you how your content is performing and where new opportunities lie.

Personalized Learning, Powered by AI

Learning is personal. Engage your users with a personalized learning process that puts them on their most efficient and effective path to success. Give them each their personal GPS for Learning®.

  • Harness the power of adaptive learning

  • Bridge individual knowledge gaps

  • Increase comprehension and retention

SelfStudy Personalizes Paths to Proficiency

Typical Student with Traditional Tools
(not using SelfStudy)

Student Demonstrating Understanding
(Accelerated with SelfStudy)

Student Needing More Support
(Accelerated with SelfStudy)


Transform the Educational Experience

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and peer-to-peer sharing have moved education beyond the classroom and changed the role of educators. What’s missing is dynamic instruction tailored to individual learners’ needs. Until now.

SelfStudy’s AI proprietary algorithms continuously assess and adapt to an individual’s current knowledge as they interact with your content in order to fill gaps and accelerate mastery and retention of mission-critical information.

  • Matches learning activities to individual interests and goals
  • Continuously tracks engagement to ensure ongoing progress
  • Reveals trends in community interest to create new learning activities

Optimize Learning and Engagement

SelfStudy combines brain science and cognitive psychology with AI to measure a learner’s knowledge against any professional or independent standard, on every interaction. It continually assesses each user’s unique knowledge and competency, tracking performance, progress, and engagement for both the learner and your materials. Keeping learners on their most efficient path to proficiency and letting you know how your materials are performing.

With accurate assessment that has been shown to tie out to exams, learners know exactly where they stand every day, and teachers know when and how to help.

Build your personalized learning programs with SelfStudy:

  • Use learning activity templates for all standard pedagogies: content followed by questions, questions first, case study vignettes, and simulations.
  • Add audio and video to questions and explanations.
  • Give explanations of correct answers and identify inconsistencies between confidence and actual knowledge.
  • Offer quizzes and practice tests — using a variety of question-types, vignettes, or simulations.
  • Link to additional content and references to delve deeper into topics.

Your New AI-Powered Teaching Assistant

The SelfStudy dashboard has a full suite of useful tools for teachers, trainers, and program directors that make important tasks easier.

Assignments: Assign an individual or group more work in a specific area, select activities and difficulty levels, and assign due dates.

Group Messaging: Email assignments or additional relevant content.

Reporting: Review scores, trends, and confidence ratings, and see whether learners are finding your content too easy or difficult.

Credit Tracking: Save time with automated credit tracking, both internal tracking and reporting to relevant institutions.

It’s Your IP, You’re in Control

SelfStudy360 is a cloud-based, white label solution. We create products for you, carrying your brand.

Our Curator content management system gives you the freedom to make updates and push new content whenever you want.

Your content and student data reside in your data accounts, available to you 24/7 and in your control.

Full-Featured Solution or Integrate With Your Current Systems

Simple Publishing Tools

  • SelfStudy is compatible with your CMS and LMS systems or we can provide a solution that contains a CMS and LMS.
  • Automates initial migration and syncing of your archived and new content.
  • Is secure and private, and compatible with older standards such as SCORM and xAPI.

Profit from a white label service that builds your brand and enhances your brand value.

Interested in creating a powerful learning platform for your organization?

All you have to do is provide the content. That’s it.